Biden Slams Trump’s ‘Divisive’ Leadership, Virus Response in Florida

With Election Day just three weeks away, Democratic challenger Joe Biden concentrated on the battleground state of Florida, hoping to motivate voters who could cast potentially decisive ballots in a state that’s critical to clinching an Electoral College victory.

Biden courted seniors, betting that a voting bloc that buoyed Trump four years ago has become disenchanted with the White House’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

It was Biden’s third visit to the state in a month, after making targeted appeals to other communities, including veterans and Latinos.

To Trump, “you’re expendable, you’re forgettable, you’re virtually nobody,” Biden said at a senior center in Pembroke Pines, about 20 miles (32 kilometers) from Fort Lauderdale.

The “only senior Donald Trump seems to care about” is himself, Biden added.

Biden’s campaign believes it can take the presidency without Florida’s 29 electoral votes, but it wants to lock up the state to pad a margin of victory over Trump, who has for months questioned the legitimacy of an election where many people will cast mail-in ballots during the pandemic.

Biden has vowed to win Pennsylvania, but if he falls short, his path to victory narrows substantially.

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Comment (530)

  1. Misinformation? That is your stock in trade- The "secret is out, joe- You have No medical knowledge or training". I don't know if Biden has a T.S.P. or latent S.T.D.s'….he seems to imagine SARs was created by
    his opponent(¿) the Entire planet
    is trying to cope with this. We need to Stand United against a
    Viral threat; Joey Biden plays it
    Partisan; a virus does not respond to rhetoric. Simple minds……yes, I vote.

  2. If Trump listened to you and kept China and Europe open many more would die. Forty seven years of corruption, getting rich on the backs of American people. You are exposed!

  3. Biden is A JOKE… can anyone compare Biden to Trump…..Biden is a loser who has never served the people though he has been in office for 47 years…..BIDEN IS A CLOWN. Just look at that CLOWN FACE. Anyone voting for Biden must be a fool.

  4. Biden is a typical dummycrat lying coward who blames Trump for everything when they in fact are guilty of same blame game PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP is the greatest president in history

  5. How can biden have high ratings when no one listens to him or has anything good to say about him just goes to show you how corrupt the ratings are and how phoney the mail in ballots are

  6. What about your snip and Joe Tara Reade accused you of sexual assault why is no-one covering this I believe Tara Reade…. What about the MEN LEFT BEHIND TO DIE….OR THE INNOCENT KILLED BY YOUR CALL.

  7. you are standing up their calling this man everything in the book you should be talking about what you're going to do for these people from us what you're going to do instead of bad mouthing your chief I don't believe you're a good American Joe Biden

  8. This old doddering fool will fuck up what’s left of America. Remember you have to vote for it to see what’s in it. These folks are nuts.

  9. China is winning … and Biden still keeps on supporting CCP China .
    As much as I don't like Trump …
    America will only be great again if it beats China .
    China is the enemy .
    Vote for Trump in 2020.
    Trump is the chosen one because he is Not a Politician.
    Trump is the only one who has the guts to face China head on .
    Biden and Harris support China , and that will result in the downfall of America and the rest of the World . Biden hates black people, calls them predators.


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