CIO Business Model Strategy: Resilience and Transformation with Logitech CIO (CXOTalk #672)

The CIO of Logitech explains how he approaches issues such as:

Business resilience
Digital transformation
eCommerce strategy
Digital business and the IT operating model
Customer experience
Enabling remote work through virtual collaboration

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Massimo Rapparini is Chief Information Officer at Logitech. Massimo leads the global IT function and is charged with implementing a technology strategy targeted at the company’s growth opportunities through Digital Business, Employee Collaboration and Product Innovation using Cloud.

Read the entire transcript:

In this video, you will learn how Logitech’s CIO handles:
— Managing change and the global crisis
— Scaling remote work from home
— Challenges of managing change
— Rethinking the IT operating model
— Business agility and resilience
— Risk management and mitigation vs. IT innovation
— Cloud computing and business resiliency
— Digital twins and simulations
— CIO strategy and IT business model innovation
— Aligning CIO strategy with business objectives
— Customer experience and CIO strategy

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  1. It would have been nice to hear real stories and examples of how Logitech managed Resilence and Transformation during the initial COVID-19 crisis. It almost sounded like interviewing a job candidate that knew the text book answers but did not have real world experience….this was an opportunity missed by Mr. Rapparini.


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