Debunking Our Own Video

Today we’re debunking, our own video debunking other videos about DEBUNKING!
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While everyone was watching the inauguration we were getting DEBUNKED! We made a video about the science of skincare, retinol and vitamin C. LabMuffin aka Michelle Wong stepped in to let us know some of the nuances we got wrong, and to ignite a brilliant discussion about the science of skincare, how products are sold to us, lol at the new Jennifer Lopez skin care line logline, and how you can best choose your skincare products based on SCIENCE. We also talked about skincare myths, battled it out about bad skincare studies and learned that with skincare we need to be less picky about our science research.

Written by Greg Brown and Michelle Wong
Edited by Luka Šarlija and Greg Brown

TikTok: @AsapSCIENCE

Further Reading/Sources:
Vitamin C collagen studies:…
Japanese quasi-drugs:…
Powered By Chemicals Mugs:
The Remarkable Life of the Skin by Monty Lyman

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Comment (458)

  1. love you guys so much! love that you filmed this virtually and are continuing to stay safe! <3 <3 <3 don't take it down! you honestly didn't have that much wrong, she just helped you have a wider perspective which is great 🙂

  2. I actually commented on the original video and a kind person told me about Michelle! I have been watching her since, so cool to see you both together!

  3. now i have to explain to my dad that everything i told him about collagen being falsely advertised as an amazing ingredient is not true…. oh well we live and learn i guess

  4. I'd say they need to take down the video and reupload the same video with a warning in the beginning or cite parts that are a bit misleading. Because without the warnings or citations, people may assume those things as facts because they're actually a trustworthy science channel.


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