Future of Work with Dropbox COO Olivia Nottebohm (CXOTalk #671)

What is the future of work, collaboration, virtual teams, distributed workforces, and work from home? The Chief Operating Officer of Dropbox shares her views and offers practical advice for managing remote employees and building distributed teams.

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Olivia Nottebohm serves as the Chief Operating Officer at Dropbox, where she oversees sales, customer experience, business development, marketing and communications, and the people team.

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Prior to joining Dropbox in 2020, Olivia spent six years with Google Cloud, where she was VP of SMB Sales and GTM Operations. In that role she led go-to-market efforts, driving revenue for a portfolio of business products that included G Suite. She helped build and scale Google Cloud’s business, overseeing a cross-functional operations team of sales, customer engineering, business development, operations, and professional services. Before that, Olivia was a partner at McKinsey, where she worked with companies to build and execute against successful go-to-market strategies at scale.

This conversation includes:

— What is the future of work in 2021?
— Remote jobs and distributed work
— Planning for the future of work
— Enabling diverse teams
— Dropbox enables distributed teams
— Designing collaboration tools at scale
— Customer experience and software design at large scale
— Building a remote work environment and culture
— Describing the future of work
— How to plan for the future of work
— Advice on managing the transition to distributed and remote work

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