Watch an Apple store get robbed in 12 seconds | CNBC International

Multiple San Francisco Apple stores have been hit by robbers, stealing a reported hundred thousand dollars’ worth of merchandise.

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  1. Those are demo phones. They’re made to not actually work as a normal iPhone. So if they get stolen it’s pretty much pointless unless you’re gonna scam somebody else with the fake iPhone.

  2. Those security cameras are from early 2000. My Nokia 6265i 2mp camera phone had better quality. I would be not to worried anyways. Those phones and other devices on the counter should be dummy devices with enough parts to make them run without being fully functional. Unless Apple actually put fully functioning devices on their without tracking devices or software to track the phone even while it's off. They should have been caught by the end of the first day.

  3. people are talking about the employees but to be fair what are they supposed to do? Its not like theyre gonna risk stopping them with the possibility of the robbers being armed


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