What People Think When They Get Your Wedding Invitation – Damien Lemon

Damien Lemon explains what being a “foodie” means to him, how Yelp changed eating out and what it’s like receiving a wedding invitation.

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Original airdate: July 11, 2014

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  1. If you getting married, I recommend investing all those money into a house instead of spending tens and thousands of dollars on the wedding itself. It's worth it for the long term, and you gonna need a house eventually for later on anyway. Whereas the wedding is just one time thing and you basically wasted thousands of dollars just to eat and dance. It ain't worth it, man.

  2. BORIS INSPIRATION TV (Ndop Rice Comedy) is so happy to have people like you guys, we really appreciate you guys for being a blessing to the community…we always follow you guys we Ndop Rice Comedy, we pray to one day be like you guys.

  3. Anyone who invites me to a wedding involving a tux is not my friend anymore. You're getting married, you're not up for an Oscar. There is an inverse relationship between wedding expense and marriage longevity, look it up.


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