What The Coronavirus Vaccine Does To Your Body

With the first person receiving a COVID19 vaccine from Pfizer in the UK – what does it even do to your body? And are mRNA vaccines safe?
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There’s a lot of excitement right now around the record-speed vaccines for COVID19, some of which are already starting distribution in parts of the world. But given that these are mRNA vaccines – a relatively new technology that has not been widely used before – we wanted to explain how they work, and what happens in your body from the moment the needle touches your skin.

Written by Gregory Brown and Mitchell Moffit
Editing by Luka Šarlija

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  1. I'd love to see the ingredients.
    The survival rate is 99.87%
    Why would I put the RNA modifying chemical in my body.
    Why are the powers to be so suddenly concerned about my health.

  2. This might be a bit crazy, but what if the downside of taking the vaccine isn't an immediate reaction, but an immunity to a positive therapy in the future. For example, if the covid-spike virus coating ended up being the perfect delivery mechanism for a cure for cancer. I'm not trying to be funny or alarmist, but just wondering how far we should consider the consequences of gene therapy. At this stage in the game I'd still be up for taking the vaccine. However, if this vaccine technology continues to be employed and our bodies develop immune responses to many types of harmless structures that happen to be associated with the virus of the year, the chances of utilizing a structure that could later be helpful seems to increase with time.

  3. Ive seen alot of videos on how wonderful the vaccine is in these videoes but not one word in these good videoes about side effects but they want you to rush in and get it..

  4. No I will never , never , never, and did I say never will I ever get this GMO vaccine. This is vaccine that includes lung tissue from a 14 week old aborted white male fetus. You can keep it. I will live off grid before I take this crap.

  5. You guys are full of shit u know what this is its full control and DNA re coding quit spreading false hope in Europe people are dying from the vaccine and the docs are saying oh "they had complications" so no thanks DONT LET THESE CLOWNS TRICK U

  6. How much money did the government and the FDA pay you to push this hype? I hope you were paid millions because if you were not paid how will you feel when people start getting violently ill or dying from this vaccine. All the people who took the vaccine become very ill and their have been deaths from the vaccine. So why not tell the truth of how many people died and do not hide it. The truth will set you free.

  7. I dont know …I just know as I watched this I wish I felt as happy as you both looked and I wondered if you put up a Christmas tree and what it looked like. I wondered if you were a couple. You look like you would be a cute one. You guys look so freaking happy. Im not even sure what you were talking about. But you looked happy saying whatever it was.

  8. So basically they trying to duplicate GOD creation and figure out the human body …..Wow! This is sad!!!! And make fake stuff and confuse the body

  9. Acctually, with this mRNA, what it will really do, is damage a Male's sperm so that when he attempts to procreate with a female, and passes his damaged sperm, those sperm then damage the females egg, rendering her infertile.

  10. Oh My Gosh, Let's Brainwash The Children Or Could It Be The Stupidly Of The GROWN UPS Needs To Be BrAiNWaSHeD On A Grade School Level Into Believing… "Another New Drug Cause They Care"

  11. ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement) will make those vaccinated worse off as they will get a hyperinflamatory response to infection

  12. Everyone please look up what happened with the H1N1 vaccine that was administered to children in Europe after it had been approved.. they developed narcolepsy. Sometimes symptoms will take years to show up, I will take my chances with him getting infected with covid rather than be a lab rat.
    Everyone please thumb up this comment so other people could see

  13. Won't your immune system attack your own healthy cells that have the spike protein on them? Or do the spike protein get ejected from the cell into the bloodstream?

  14. Kids have 100% recovery rate from covid in which 95% don't show any signs of even having the virus , so what is the point of a vaccine ? Its like criminalizing the common cold ! in which no one takes the flu vaccine , I would have to guess this is about the big pharma making money since , the health officals are ignoring there own data stating very few are dieing from covid with a recovery rate of 99.97% , so does a vaccine make any sense , or is this a way to control everyone coming into agenda 2021 ?

  15. Thank you to you both! You guys know how to breakdown complicated lessons and make them easy to understand. Learning something new about our world is always so much fun with you guys!


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